7 Reasons Why Wedding Photography Is So Expensive

7 Reasons Why Wedding Photography Is So Expensive

Are you searching in Google about “Why Wedding Photography Is So Expensive”? Then you have landed the right place. Here you will get the complete guide about the factors that affect the cost of wedding photography.

In the USA, the budget for wedding photography is 10% – 20% of the total wedding costs. According to the wedding photography market, the average wedding photographer cost range is $1400 – $2500.

Wedding ceremonies are costly, People nowadays consider wedding photography to be one of the essential parts of an event.

People put so much effort into the wedding decorations, attires, and environment. It’s a significant loss if they don’t keep memories of their big day.

People don’t regret spending a lot on wedding photography, because the beautifully captured moments and memories are worth it!

But why is wedding photography so expensive than it should be? 

There are many reasons why wedding photography is so expensive. Even though all kinds of wedding photography are expensive, photographers provide options for their clients. They offer both Luxury wedding photography packages and Basic wedding photography packages to make a little difference in the cost and work according to different people’s choices and preferences. 

Here are the 7 main reasons why wedding photography is so expensive:

Skills And Experience

Photographers are sometimes considered less important in the job sector as people think all they do is take pictures.

But we would say photographers are underrated and they have strong skills and passion for doing their job. It’s not easy being a good photographer.

It takes a lot of skills, creativity, education, years of experience to become a professional photographer.

The way they put their effort and creativity while doing wedding photography is worth paying for. They deserve it. 


This is an essential factor why photographers charge a lot of money. The stuff that photographers use is quite expensive.

The professional cameras worth much money. Better cameras are always more costly.

And when we prefer perfect quality images, the photographers use excellent cameras with high lenses. Cameras, lights, shades, etc. are used during a photoshoot. 

Time And Hours Involved

Photography charges mostly depend on the hours required. Photography is not a regular nine to five job. Photographers don’t have fixed projects.

They work on each event with a lot of effort and time. It’s not easy to use your brain and move physically for hours to capture pictures.

They utilize the hours involved, and the value of those hours and efforts make it expensive. 

Travelling And Location

Photographers appear on time at our desired site for any event. They travel to our place for wedding photography, which costs them money as well.

This money adds up to the photography charge. 

Editing And Creativity

Normal photography and wedding photography is different. It takes a lot more effort and creativity for a wedding shoot.

Photographers use different ideas and styles to make the wedding photographs look fantastic. They make sure the wedding couple gets some perfect romantic shots.

The decorations, people, and everything is essential while doing wedding photography. Only clicking pictures are not their job.

They have to do much editing for some pictures as well. Before handing out the photographs, the images are examined and edited according to the client’s choice.

We pay a little more because the photographers work on editing, combining, etc. after the photoshoot hours as well.  

Photography Style:

Wedding photography costs sometime may differ on the basis of the wedding photography style. Some styles of wedding photography may cost more than the casual style of photography.

For example, destination wedding photography, beach wedding photography, and outdoor wedding photography style.


The photography package is one of the vital factors that affect the cost of photography.

If your wedding photography package is highly configured then your cost will increase, it is simple math.

So you can select your package with the help of your photographer.

Wedding Photography Price List:

There are various types of price list for wedding photography, here we are going to present a standard wedding photography price list based on according to the USA market. Let’s see the list.

There are mainly three types of wedding photography costs.

Photographer Price Range Per Package
Average $900 – $1500
Standard $1200 – $1900
High-End $1500 – $2900

Wedding Photography Price List According to the Service category

Photography Service Price Range Per Package
Engagement $450 – $1100
Portrait $450 – $700
Beach Photography $400 – $900
Pre-Wedding Photography $350 – $900
Destination Photography $900 – $1500
Digital Photography $900- $2900
Elite Wedding Photography $1400 – $3900
Professional Wedding Photography $1400 – $3900

Wadding Photography Price List according to the level of the wedding photographer.

Level of Photographer Price Range Per Package
Freelancer Photographer $900 – $1500
Ammeter Photographer $700 – $1100
Student Photographer $1100 – $1500
Professional Photographer $1500 – $2500
Top Professional Photographer $2100 – $3900+

So you can hire a wedding photographer according to your wishes. If you would like to hire a photographer as an hourly basis then you will get and if you want to hire a photographer as a package basis then you can also get the services.

Most of the photographers in the USA offers custom wedding photography packages. So you need not to overthinking about the photography services.


It might seem unfair to a few people that a profession like photography can cost so much. But if we analyze and look at the reasons, the expense is worth it!

Also, choose your photographer according to your choice to avoid regrets later in life.

There are affordable wedding photography packages available for those who don’t want to spend much on wedding photography. The option is yours!

Now you can completely clear that “Why Wedding Photography Is So Expensive”. If you would like to order your custom wedding photography package then you can contact us. We are available 24/7.

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