The A – Z of Wedding Photography Styles | Expert Guide

The A – Z of Wedding Photography Styles | Expert Guide

Choosing the perfect wedding photography styles are as tricky as selecting a place to eat. No matter what happens, couples want their wedding photographs to be ideal and dreamy.

Wedding photographs are the pieces of memories that married couples cherish for the rest of their lives.

If you are one of those people who can’t decide which wedding photography style is the best for them, this article might be helpful.

In this article, you will find a long list of the best wedding photography styles and tips for couples.

Why do you need to choose the proper style for wedding photography?

Couples who are getting married want everything about their wedding to work out according to their style and desire.

Just like couples get to choose the venue, the theme of the wedding, the color of costumes, etc. they can have their photography done in their unique style.

Some couples like their photographs to be simple, and some like to shoot in a theatrical way, which makes their wedding look like nothing less than a fairytale movie.

The preferences vary from person to person. 

The same old wedding portraits are boring, if you are hiring a good photographer then why wouldn’t you utilize the skills and experiences of the photographer?

We have several options and wedding photography styles for couples.  

Here are some examples of different types of wedding photography styles:

1. The Traditional Style

The traditional wedding photography is the oldest and one of the classic styles.

This style involves photographs of the newly wedded couple together with the family members or guests.

Traditional pictures are formal and look elegant in every way. If you look at a wedding photography album from a man (or relative) you know, you can see the traditional style wedding photography in the photo album.

Photography of this style will never get old.

Traditional Style Wedding Photography
Traditional Style Wedding Photography

2. Portrait Photography Style

The portrait photography style is one of the most popular ones. Probably every married couple has a portrait photograph.

Portraits are the kind of wedding photographs we like to frame. Portrait photography is usually catchy as it focuses on the emotions and expression of the people in the picture.

It’s not just about the background but the people and their way of expressing feelings as well.

Portrait Photography Style
Portrait Photography Style

 3. Fine Art Or Artistic Wedding Photography Style

The artistic style involves creativity and unique techniques that make the photograph look like a piece of art.

This photography style focuses on a great environment, lights, and creative poses for the couple. People who love art are going to love this wedding photography style.

A very artistic background with a lovely couple, creating a sense of love is going to make the image look dreamy.

4. The Illustrative Style

Illustrative wedding photographs are like candid photographs. This style involves capturing natural moments of people looking happy and best with bright and good lighting.

This style focuses more on the moment that tells a story. For example, by looking at the above picture, we can say to the bride, and the groom was having a lively conversation that put a big smile on their faces.

5. Editorial Photography Style

Editorial style is a mix of art, drama, and fashion. This style involves the couple being dramatic with romance, with a unique background that highlights their appearance and features as well.

This wedding photography style is very catchy and looks like captured moments from a love song or a romantic movie.

Editorial Style Wedding
Editorial Photography Style

6. Vintage Wedding Photography Style

The vintage or contemporary wedding photography style involves recreating the images or forms of photographs from the past decades.

This kind of wedding photography style is not at all modern. This style is ancient and classic.

Many couples nowadays like to recreate their parents/grand-parents vintage wedding photographs.

7. Dramatic Photography Style

The dramatic style is also like art, but there’s more drama into it. This style focuses on expressing intense emotions through a theatrical pose and background (usually dark).

Couples who want their wedding photographs to look bold can try out this style.

8. Black And White Wedding Photography Style

Black and White wedding photography is one of the most popular styles that look very classy and elegant.

The black and white effect can make any photograph look two times more attractive. This style can also help people filter their pictures if they don’t come out as well as expected.

For example, a couple takes an image where the color of their attire isn’t complimenting the background.

They can quickly put the black and white effect to hide the color problems and bring the focus on the forms and patterns of the picture.

Black & White Wedding Photography
Black And White Wedding Photography Style

9. Documentary Style

The documentary-stylee involves capturing natural moments that tell a story through the photograph. The image looks like a moment shot from a documentary video.

For example, by looking at the above picture, we can tell that the groom is emotional while the bride is standing with her dad. The image itself is describing the moment.

10. Destination Wedding Photography Style

The destination wedding photography is for outdoor wedding functions that take place outside in a naturally beautiful location, for example, beachside photography.

This wedding photography style involves capturing natural scenarios and the people in it. Destination wedding photographs are trendy nowadays.

11. Photojournalistic Style

The photojournalistic wedding photography style is similar to candid photography and documentary-style photographs, but this style focuses mainly on the lifestyle.

Photojournalistic Style

12. Natural Photography Style

The natural photography style involves pictures taken in natural daylight or moonlights without false lighting or effects.

Natural photos don’t need editing as the natural light, and scenarios make the images look naturally beautiful.

Natural wedding photography style is one of the best techniques to try if you want your pictures to come out bright and jolly.

Natural Wedding Photography Style

13. Fashion Wedding Photography Style

The fashion wedding photography is more like a modeling shoot where the bride and the groom show off their look, costumes, with an excellent stylish background.

This wedding photography style will make the wedding pictures look like the covers of fashion magazines.

People who are into fashion and elegant photographs can try this photography style at their wedding.

This photography style is a great way to showcase the wedding outfits and accessories. 

The above list consists of some of the best wedding photography styles for couples with pictures to give you a clearer idea of the different styles.

Before trying out the different styles, couples can check and decide which one is perfect for them.

It is essential to keep in mind that there are other elements other than the style that makes a picture look perfect.

There are seven elements of photography, and photographers pay attention to each of these elements to create a photograph look beautiful. 

Essential Elements Of Photography:

  • Line
  • Form
  • Shape
  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Space

After choosing the perfect style and best technique for wedding photography, couples must discuss it with their photographers to know if they can work in that particular style.

All photographers are not equally skilled. Each specializes in a specific form of photography.

 So to get the perfect styled photographs, couples need to choose the correct photographer who is an expert in their particular choice of style.

Style and fashion are always changing every year as time is passing by. Every year we learn and come up with new ideas and techniques regarding everything in this world.

Photography is trendy nowadays; people who love photography are always looking forward to new and innovative ways of taking photographs.

There are many more creative and fantastic photography styles that might attract new generation couples.

Here are some of the modern and creative wedding photography styles of 2020 and these will blow this decade:

14. Underwater Wedding Photography

The majority of people may not prefer this photography style, but people who love water, being in the pool, ocean, etc., is going to love this idea.

Underwater wedding photography involves the picture taken underwater. It might be risky for people who didn’t get underwater before. But those who have experiences of being underwater can give it a shot.

It is going to be worth it and a great memory. The photographer also needs to be experienced before trying this challenging photography.

15. Wedding Photography With Pets

People who own pets should include their pets in the wedding photographs. Pets are like family members; they deserve to be in the frame as well.

Pets are cute, and pictures with pets and wedding environment will be sweet and beautiful to another level. We can caption such images as “cuteness and love overloaded.”

This wedding photography style should be a must-try for people who own pets!

16. Funny Wedding Photography Style

We all love pictures that make us laugh or recall a funny memory. Images with funny moments or a little humor are always good for brightening up the mind.

Imagine couples who are old going through their wedding pictures and getting a good laugh recalling their wedding memories. Sounds delightful and jolly, right? 

We all should get some pleasant and funny photos of our wedding too.

Funny Wedding Photography Style
Funny Wedding Photography Style

17. Outdoor Activity Wedding Photography 

This kind of wedding photography is both funny and unique in different ways.

Outdoor activity wedding photography style involves capturing moments where the bride and groom are doing some outdoor activity in their wedding costumes.

For example, outside at the home, riding a bicycle or playing football. This photography style is unique for wedding couples that people do not generally try.

 Outdoor Activity Wedding Photography
Outdoor Activity Wedding Photography

18. Creative Wedding Photography Style

This kind of photography is full of creativity and madness, where the photographer has to put special efforts to create such images.

For example, splashing water and making the picture look unreal but incredible at the same time. Or blowing bubbles/glitters all around the couple to make the image look like a fairytale.

Creative people are going to love this wedding photography style!

Creative wedding style
Creative Wedding Photography Style

19. Unique Location Wedding Photography

This photography style is also very unique, and the photoshoot takes place in specials locations, which are not suitable for a wedding — for example, wedding photography inside an amusement park.

Wedding couples who know each other from the same school or college can try this wedding photography style inside their school or college.

This kind of photography is a very unique and great idea to create some extra memorable wedding images.

20. Re-Creating Parent’s Wedding Photographs

Last but not least, recreating parent’s wedding pictures is another unique style that shows emotions and love for parents.

Keeping such memory is going to keep this emotion alive for a long time, and it’s going to be fun when the future generation gets to see such images of their parents/grandparents.


There are endless ideas for choosing the perfect style for wedding photography today. Weddings are meant to be dreamy and romantic.

The marriage couple photo style should match the environment/theme of the wedding to make it look all dreamy and fantastic.

We hope this article is helpful for the ones looking for some excellent wedding photography styles.

Couples who are going to get married soon should check this out and learn the great ideas of shooting the best photographs of their lives!

We wish your happy wedding ceremony 🙂

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