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Do you ever know how to choose the perfect photographer for your wedding, engagement and portraits? It’s not only about booking a professional photographer, and you need to know everything regarding photography and the service as well.

To do that, you need details and information from your photographer, and you might have a lot of questions to ask.

An F&Q helps in that case; it contains all the questions to ask your photographer.

After getting all your answers, it is going to be easier for you to decide if you should hire that particular photographer and it also helps to find the best photographers near you.

You might think that the easiest way to know the details is by having a conversation upfront. But what if the photographer doesn’t satisfy you and you have to reject right away.

That is awkward for both the client and the photographer. So before choosing the photographer, finally, it’s better to know all your answers through a formal document which is called a photography questionnaire (F&Q).

Lets get to start the session 🙂 

01. What type of camera do you use?

We have Nikon D7500 and Sony A7R III. At the moment, we use the Sony A7R III for wedding photography for the best results. We also update our photography devices according to the new trends. 

02. Do you work individually, or do you have a team?

The wedding photographers Destin Florida is the hub of the best wedding photographers and it depends on the type of wedding. If it is an essential wedding, we can do all the work by one professional photographer. But if it is a destination wedding or a big one, we like to take our team, which includes another professional photographer and helpers to work efficiently.

03. Do you know the different styles of wedding photography?

Yes, We offer various kinds of wedding photography styles and the number will be more than 20. We are the #1 and top wedding photographer in Destin Florida and we always promise the best quality photography services

04. Are you willing to work for extra hours if there are any apparent problems later at the wedding?

Yes, sure, we look forward to fulfilling our client’s wish and work correctly. If there is any uncalled situation where we have to work for extra hours, we will!

05. How many photographs do you take for a basic wedding photography package?

For a basic wedding photography package, We provide 50 digital photographs.

06. Are you willing to have a meeting with your client before the wedding?

Yes, of course. It is essential to meet before the wedding for a brief discussion

07. Are you willing to have a meeting with your client before the wedding?

Yes, of course. It is essential to meet before the wedding for a brief discussion

08. Do you offer newborn baby photography?

Yes, of course we offer newborn baby photography. 

09. Do you offer sunrise and sunset photography?

Yes, of course we offer sunset and sunrise photography. 

10. How many hours can you work for an essential wedding?

We work according to our plan, and before starting to work, we discuss with our clients and finalize the full schedule. We usually work until the completion of the photography session.

11. Do you need any extra resource from the clients?

No, we do not need any other resources for our clients. But sometimes we need to charge our gears and devices to take the complete the photography.

12. Do you tips before starting photography?

Yes, we provide tips to capture the best quality photography with the help of nature.

13. Which wedding photography styles do you like most?

We love basically natural wedding photography style and Romantic wedding photography style. But always we prefer out clients first.

14. Do you have any free booking system?

Yes, we have free booking form and it is supported 24/7. And you will be replied in some hours.

15. Which wedding photography style would you suggest for the wedding couple?

We think natural wedding photography is the best of all styles. Other than that, the coupe should also try the dramatic or fashion photography style to show off their wedding get up with romance.

16. What is your main focus while doing wedding photography?

While doing wedding photography, our main focus is on the couple and their great moments. We try our best to capture all the lovely moments between the couple.

17. Are you going to do both indoor and outdoor photography?

Yes, we go for both indoor and outdoor photo shoots.

18. Which pose would you suggest to the family members or friends?

We would suggest the traditional photography style for the family members and friends. It is elegant and classic.

19. Are you going to take photographs of everyone in the wedding ceremony?

We think everyone who attends a wedding ceremony deserves to be in the wedding photographs. We try to take photos of everyone who is in the wedding, but we do show them and ask if they are okay with it.

20. Can you take pictures of other couples as well? Friends and their partners?

Yes, of course. We will take pictures of other couples too if they ask us to.

21. Do you show the photos in your camera on the wedding day?

Yes, we show the pictures after clicking to ask if we should keep or delete it. But well, we do not show all of them. We like to surprise our clients with some great shots, which we think will make them happy after the wedding.

22. Do you stay until the ceremony ends?

Yes, we stay at the venue until and unless we are asked to leave by our client.

23. Are you good at fashion wedding photography style?

Yes, we have experience of fashion wedding photography. We believe we know the techniques and overall idea of fashion wedding photography.

24. My partner is not very good at posing, can you help him during the photo shoot?

Sure, we are patient with our clients. We do not only click pictures. We make sure our clients are comfortable and posing in the right way. We are always there to show and help.

25. Can you do a separate private photo shoot for the couple after the wedding outside of the venue?

Yes, if the couple wants to take some photographs in a beautiful backyard, garden, or if there is a lake outside, we can do a private photo shoot for the couple.

26. Can you provide a few photographs on the wedding day?

No, it is not possible to provide any photographs on the same day of the wedding. That is only possible with an instant camera.

27. Can you make an album of the printed copies?

Yes, we can make an album for the printed copies. Most of the time we do it for every wedding photography as a gift to the couple.

28. After how many days do you deliver the photographs?

It takes 15 to 25 working days to combine and print all the photographs and finally deliver to the client.

29. Do you have a backup for all the pictures?

Yes, we have a backup for all the photographs for all our clients. We make sure none of the pictures is lost.

29. If we lose any photographs, can we get it back from you?

Yes, we will have all the photographs saved with back up. You can get any picture again later.

30. Do you take a delivery charge?

No, it is free if the delivery is within the city. But if we have to deliver out the town, the delivery service will charge you.

31. Is it mandatory for the client to sign and receive the photographs?

It is better if the client receives it because we can be sure that the photographs are in the right hands. But if you want anybody else to receive, you have to let us know about that person for security purposes.

Q&As are not only for photographers. The photographers can send questionnaires as well, which contains wedding photography questions to ask the client. Questionnaires can be of several types.

Some include questions to ask before the wedding. Others have questions to ask your photographer after booking or after the wedding as well. Either way, it is good to use a questionnaire to make sure you appointed the right people!