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Nowadays, photography investment is a significant part of the budget. Sometimes the investment is a little expensive.

As you must agree, the value of wedding photography is much more important than any photography.

Surely, you don’t mind spending some money to make the memory alive for the rest of your life. The wedding day is the most significant time in one’s life. People have their long cherish dreams around their wedding.

Also if you think about your engagement and portrait photography on a large scale then you have to look at your cost as well. We offer custom investment plan.


We are the top Destin wedding & beach photographer. We offer custom services and custom pricing. You can book us an hourly basis and also a package basis. Lets get to start the details –


01. Portraits Package

Investments starts $300

We offer Portrait sessions. And you can book for the beach or any location that you prefer. Fee includes up to 4 or 5 people. 

You will get photo editing like excellent background with excellent color, enough photography hours and many more.

02. Engagement Package

Engagement investment starts $290

You will get excellent images with professional editing. We provide HDR photography, 2-3 hours photography, Online and offline supports and many more. 

We offer engagement photography according to your place, no matter where it is?


03. beach photography

Investments starts $350

It is one of the exciting sessions and you will get 100% professional service.

You will get 2 – 3 hours of photography service with excellent editing. We offer custom investments plan.  

04. weddings Package

Wedding investment starts at $1400

Here you will get complete professional services. 

8 hours photography, HD images, online and offline support, special effect, photo album, assistant and many more. 



There are many reasons that cause variation in the price of wedding photography. So let’s see the factors that affect the wedding photography cost.


Price varies with the wedding venue. If the venue is in the city, it will cost less. But if the place is far from a photographer, then it costs more. As traveling cost also includes with total cost.

Experience and Expertise of the Photographer

Experienced photographers demand high, then young photographers.

Photography Style

Cost also depends on photography styles (classic, cinematographic, dramatic composition, etc.). Dramatic and cinematography need more time and editing. That makes their price higher than classic photos.

Time Duration of Photography

Service time is an essential factor. Typically wedding photographer packages offer six to eight hours of event coverage. Even there is a facility to hire a photographer at an hourly rate.

Travel Distance

If photographers need to travel, then the couple should pay the expenses.

The Number of Photographers

Sometimes a couple likes to hire more photographers. The different photographer may focus on various subjects. Couples want to keep records of every moment. Cost increases with an increased number of photographers.

Number of Events

Some couples want to take photos of their other events like engagement, wedding shower, honeymoon, etc. The couple must need the payment for each occasion.

Photo Editing

Photographers spend much time on editing. You must honor their time and service.

After Event Facilities

The maximum photographer adds these services (like a wedding album, printing images, exclusive couple photos, pre and after the photo shoot, etc.) to their packages. If you want to customize it, you may need to pay some additional.

All these factors influence the price. Photography agencies offer different packages with different services. They usually design their packages for six to eight hours of events. But by giving extra money, you can customize as you wish. Some couple prefers two photographers to shoot them. Because different photographers may focus on different perspectives.

In the USA, almost 65% of a couple likes to have a pre-wedding photoshoot. It may charge you some extra. If you choose your marriage ceremony in a big city and the peak season of the wedding, pay more dollars to your photographer. A destination wedding costs you more.

Though there is not much option, you can save money a little. Wedding venue, event date, the hour of service are the most critical factors. 

By discussing with our photographer, you can choose your place and time. The discussion allows you to cut your wedding photography costs a little.

To save some money, don’t choose an unprofessional, unskilled photographer. It can completely ruin the precious moments of your big day. 

So, if you face a budget problem, cut some money from other wedding costs and spend it on hiring a skillful professional photographer.

Spend the money for once, will give you a lifelong memory. And obviously, you don’t have any regret spending more when you recall the mind by seeing the photos and videos after many years.