65 Most Important Questions to Ask Wedding Photographer: Expert Guide

65 Most Important Questions to Ask Wedding Photographer: Expert Guide

Are you planning to hire a wedding photographer or Do you know the questions to ask a wedding photographer? It is an essential thing during hiring a wedding photographer.  

You should see what you have to ask your photographer. A pre-set questionnaire will help you in this purpose.

A wedding photographer is an outstanding person who will create your memories of a lifetime. You cannot choose a photographer without knowing them properly.

It is vital to know every single detail of their service. An interview and open discussion will create a good understanding between you two.

There are many things that you can ask your photographer. You can ask about their experience, styles, service, price, and all related stuff. 

Most couples have less experience in hiring a wedding photographer. They become confused about what they should ask or what they don’t.

Some couple faces awkward to ask about more details. So, they ask a little. And as a result, sometimes a misunderstanding may occur.

So, it is always good to ask your photographers many questions and know them better. Sometimes couples forget to ask many important things due to excitement.

If you learn them earlier, you will not skip any vital point. So, let’s know about the essential questions to ask when hiring a photographer.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

There are various types of questions to ask before hiring a wedding photographer. But where to start?

For your better understanding, here we have divided the questions into some categories.

Photographers Availability

  1. Are you available on my wedding date?
  2. Who will photoshoot the wedding? Can I talk with the person?

Why you need to ask these

The very first thing is if they can do it or not at your wedding. Make sure you are talking with the right person who will be on the spot.

Because chatting with the owner of the company will not help you much. You are going to spend a full of the photographer.

So it is essential to know about his style, behavior, and expertise.

Basic Questions

  1. How long are you doing wedding photography?
  2. Do you have a photography license?
  3. How many weddings have you covered?
  4. Will you maintain customer privacy?

Why you need to ask these

These are the fundamentals. You can check the photographer’s background by asking him these questions. Also, you will know about his professionalism and experience.

When you become sure about their expertise, you will be confident to hire them. For wedding photography experience is essential.

Wedding photography is a tough thing. Novice or amateur can not do like an experienced photographer. So, check their background before hiring is necessary.


  1. Do you take the second shooter, or you do alone?

Why you need to ask these:

Some photographers like to have a second shooter. The second shooter must help the chief photographer.

The second shooter can take photos from different angles. So, having an assistant photographer is a plus point.

Also, it can increase your pricing too. So, if you prefer a second shooter, you can ask him to take another person with him.

If he doesn’t usually take an assistant. Or you can cut the second shooter service if your concern for money.


  1. Have you covered any wedding similar to my ceremony pattern and them?

Why you need to ask these:

Previous similar work is an excellent source of verifying his potentialities.

2. Can you show me some full galleries of your previous works?

Why you need to ask these:

You will get a better idea if you see their full wedding album. An entire gallery will give you details about his service, styles, and products.

So, instead of some displaying photos, ask him to show you a full album.

3. Have you ever shot at our venue?

Why you need to ask these:

If the photographer knows the spot from earlier, it is helpful for him. He knows the place well.

So, he can take a better picture from a familiar place. But it is not mandatory to see the spot from earlier.

If he doesn’t know the area, ask him to pay a short visit there. It will help him to design his photography method.


  1. How will you approach to our ceremony?
  2. What will be your photography style?
  3. What is your best style? (e.g. classic, photojournalism, fine-art)

Why you need to ask these:

It is essential to find out. You will prepare yourself accustomed to their styles. Usually, a photographer works with many forms.

By asking this question, you can find that if the methods are perfect for you or not.

  1. What do you prefer, digital or film-based photo shooting?
  2. Can we give you some of our favorite poses? Will you do those along with your regular poses of photography.
  3. What do you prefer a candid photo or formal photo?

Why you need to ask these:

Some photographers are experts in the candid picture. But many photographers are not expert with that.

They prefer more organized poses instead of sudden pictures. But candid photos express the raw feelings of the moment.

So, many couples like to have candid pictures. So, decide what your requirement is. And make sure your photographer is happy with that pose.


  1. Do you Carry backup batteries, memory cards, lenses, or other accessories?
  2. Do you have any backup plan, if, by any chance, the main idea does not work?

Why you need to ask these:

Backup is always necessary for both accessories and plans. Any obstacles may come during the occasion. So, a substitute can save the day.

Sometimes it seems that people can not do their desire thing. Any unwanted situation makes the photoshoot worse.

You may face run out of memory, charge, or even bad weather. To avoid these, make a plan B with your photographer.


  1. How many hours will you cover on the wedding day?
  2. Would you mind to serve us more hours if necessary?

Why you need to ask these:

Generally, photographers like to cover six to eight hours on the wedding day. But sometimes, you may need more time than expected.

So, ask your photographer whether he provides service for extra hours or not.

  1. When will you arrive at the spot?
  2. Will you come earlier to the spot?

Why you need to ask these:

Come earlier to the spot has an excellent advantage. Photographers can explore the place and can make a plan.

Ask your photographer to arrive at a minimum of half an hour earlier before the wedding.

Indoor and outdoor service:

  1. Do you cover any indoor shooting?
  2. Have you done an outdoor photoshoot?
  3. What is your preference while outdoor shooting?
  4. How do you manage in bad weather at outdoor shooting?
  5. What is your best preference, outdoor or indoor shoot?
  6. Can we get both outdoor and indoor photoshoot?
  7. What are the challenges you have faced during outdoor shooting?

Why you need to ask these:

Nowadays many couples like to destination wedding. Even if they don’t, they suppose to have an outdoor photoshoot on the wedding day.

So, make sure if he can do that or not. Many photographers prefer indoor shooting because of its easiness. But if he loves to create unique photos, then he will prefer an outdoor shoot.

So, let him know about your choice. It will be useful if you discuss everything openly.


  1. What are the services in your packages?
  2. Can we customize your packages?

Why you need to ask these:

These are the most critical questions. You can learn about his services and prices. These are extremely helpful in planning your budget.

You can also compare with other’s photographer packages. Thus, you can choose the best budget suited package for you.

It is highly admirable that if he allows you to customize his services. You can add or minus any as your preference.

  1. Do you offer pre- photoshoot, and engagement in your packages?

Why you need to ask these:

Maximum vendors offer pre-shoot and engagement include their packages. But it is good to ensure it at first.

A pre-shoot is a great way to get introduced to photographer style. It is essential to get comfortable with each other.

  1. How many final photos will you deliver?

Why you need to ask these:

Photographers include the number of photos he will provide. But sometimes a couple wants more pictures. So, have a conversation about this issue.

Wedding Day:

  1. What is your plan for our special day?
  2. Do you need any help before the wedding day?
  3. Do you mind if guests take pictures while you are photographing?
  4. Do you mind taking the bride’s and groom’s first look?
  5. How do you plan to coordinate with a videographer?
  6. Will you provide a specific poses list before our wedding?

Why you need to ask these:

Some photographers like to plan and organize from the first. They strictly adhere to their plan and schedule. But most other photographers are liberal and flexible.

Their priority is customer satisfaction. They are ready to change any strategy in case of necessary.

So, an open discussion is better for both of you. Therefore you can understand the planning and schedule for the wedding.

Few photographers become annoyed. They don’t like to have any disturbance from the guest while photographing.

So, ask your photographer about his terms and condition before hiring.

After event services:

  1. When will you give us the final product?
  2. How much time do you need for editing?
  3. Will you provide me some raw footage?
  4. What software will you use for editing?
  5. Will you provide a digital negative of photos?
  6. Do you provide a wedding album?
  7. Have you kept a right on photos?
  8. Will you give me copyrights?
  9. Can I choose the final images among your negatives?
  10. Can you produce an HDR photo?
  11. How will you deliver the final photos?
  12. Is it always mandatory to order photos from you? Can I print from another vendor?

Why you need to ask these:

Wedding photography is not a matter of one day. It requires lots of time to edit the raw footage. Usually, a professional photographer may take one to two months for editing.

You may receive your photos after two or two and a half months after the ceremony. Some couples like to have limited printed images due to budget issues.

A photographer may take thousands of raw photos. It does not mean he will provide all the images as a final product.

You may receive more or less three hundred or five hundred last images. He will offer you after retouching, color correction, and other adjustments.

Thus, it takes a long time.

Pricing and Cost:

  1. What are the services you will provide for the standard price?
  2. Why your price is higher than other photographers?
  3. Do your price include videography?
  4. Do you take transportation costs?
  5. How much I need to pay for additional services?
  6. For a destination wedding, is it mandatory to pay for your accommodation cost?
  7. How much will you take for additional hours if necessary?
  8. How much will you take for producing an HDR photo?
  9. Do I need to pay for a photo album?
  10. Do you include printing costs in your packages?
  11. How much do I need to pay in advance?

Why you need to ask these:

Cost is the foremost important thing that you must know. Wedding photography is a little bit expensive.

Apart from regular service, additional service will increase the value. Moreover, extra service hour, destination wedding, and so many things are the reason for the high price.


  1. Tell us about your refund or cancellation policy?
  2. If I need to cancel the contract, how early do I approach?
  3. What if I don’t like your service, what will you do then?

Why you need to ask these:

 If you need any cancellation due to any unwanted situation, you can ask the process. Ask it earlier, so that you don’t face any inappreciable situation.


Choosing a wedding photographer is tough. You have to think about many elements before hiring.

Many people forget to talk about important things while assigning. Not only money, but you also have to concern about service and quality.

These are the questions to ask a wedding photographer. With these, you can understand the photographer clearly.

You must ask about his background and have a look at their previous work. Do a comparative analysis of his packages with others.

Take time to hire a photographer. Don’t make any rush in decision making because the photos of your wedding are your lifetime asset.

If you choose the wrong photographer, there will be a photo disaster. It will badly spoil your memory.

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