10 Best Pre Wedding Photography Tips for Couples | Expert Reviews

10 Best Pre Wedding Photography Tips for Couples | Expert Reviews

Wedding photographers often heard the questions ‘What is pre-wedding photography? Or What will you do at pre-wedding photography?’.

That means many people have confusion about pre-wedding photography. Some experts give some essential pre-wedding photography tips for them.

You may already have plans about your poses, venues, and attires of your wedding and engagement ceremony.

But when you heard about pre-wedding, you may need to think twice that what you are going to do that session. A little expert opinion may assist you in this regard.

Even some people think engagement photography and pre-wedding photography are the same. But they are different.

Are all the above words making you clumsier? Let me clear your head. From here, you can learn everything about pre-wedding photography.

What is Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography is the photo session that takes before the wedding ceremony with a full wedding dress and makeup.

At the wedding ceremony, both the couple and the photographer spend a rush time. At the celebration invited guests will make the bride and groom packed.

While surrounded by friends and family, sometimes the couple gets shy to do their dream photos.  

Among those busy hours, it gets hard to make some stunning photos for only the bride and groom.

So, they prefer to do a photo session before the ceremony. That gives them ample time to make their dream photos.

Also, pre-wedding photography helps the couple to be cool in front of the camera.

Since people give more emphasis on photography, pre-wedding photography becomes famous nowadays.

Most of the time, photographers make some beautiful heart whelming photos at this session.

Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas

Now, look at some best pre-wedding photography ideas that become a trend in 2020.

1. Out-Door Photo-Session:

First, you need to choose a beautiful place. It may be outside of The venue or some other place near the venue.

You will be gorgeous in your fancy white gown at a greenish background. Ask your photographer to use natural resources to enhance the image’s beauty.

Any park, seashore, historical place, old-school or even a highway can produce marvelous photos.

2. Highlights In The Dark:

A dramatic dark background can produce a beautiful photo. You will be the only highlighted object of the image. This composition is simply breathtaking.

3. Casual Candid:

A good photographer is always looking for candid photos. Because candid photos show the raw, authentic emotion of your heart.

Ask your photographers to be careful so that they don’t miss any special candid moment.

4. Be Elegant With Clothes And Nature:

Your photos can express your aristocracy with a formal dress and with an elegant background. These types of photos will be bold and dashing.

5. Don’t Miss The Golden Hour:

Nature becomes dramatically colorful at the time of sunset. Sunset photography is mind-blowing. Use that golden hour to create extra-ordinary photos.

Pre-wedding photography Themes

It is an essential factor for pre-wedding photography. The couple should select a theme that goes with their personality and wish.

Some likes romantic photos, while some likes elegant portrait. Consult with your photographer to choose the best idea for you.

Your theme will affect your photoshoot’s clothes and poses. Here are the themes that get popular in 2020.

  1. Indoor and outdoor formal photo shooting
  2. Casual couple photography
  3. Black and white images
  4. Wide-angle drone photography
  5. Imaginary background
  6. Photo session in nature
  7. Old- vintage look
  8. City and urban story
  9. Glamourous
  10. Expensive and elegant
  11. Panorama
  12. Silhouette in sunset
  13. Sweet Romantic
  14. Focus couple in blur background
  15. HDR photo

Pre-wedding Photography Tip

  1. Before starting, make a thorough discussion with your photographer.
  2. Choose a theme and stick with the idea for the whole session.
  3. Do pre-research and make a checklist for photography poses.
  4. Wear proper cloth that may finely blend with your theme and environment.
  5. Don’t miss the pre-schedule for a pre-wedding photo session
  6. Keep enough time for the photo-session
  7. Don’t do it just immediately before the wedding ceremony.
  8. Don’t be staying in serious mode. Be happy and express it through your body language.
  9. Use props and supporting elements for unique photos.
  10. Most importantly, don’t worry about your look and pose. Please relax and enjoy the moment.
10 Best Pre Wedding Photography Tips for Couples | Expert Reviews 1
Pre-Wedding Couple

Unique Pre-wedding Photography Ideas

Why don’t you become exclusive? Let ignite your imagination and find unique extra-ordinary ideas to narrate your love story. These are some mind-blowing ideas that you can use for exceptional photography and videography.

  1. Pose your favorite movie scene.
  2. Be the glamourous king and queen in a snow-filled area.
  3. Take your photos in the high sky. ( Take pictures when you are in a helicopter and watching outside)
  4. Be modern Rose and Jack (Re-make the famous titanic movie signature pose)
  5. Dancing in the rain
  6. Under the star-shiny crystal sky
  7. Underwater proposal (If you can effort a luxurious trained photographer and if you have the courage)
  8. Candlelight dinner on a ship deck
  9. Go a long bike ride.
  10. If you have a chance, then try a beautiful waterfall to make memories.
  11. Be the fairytale prince and princess.
  12. Paddle a boat together in a lake
  13. Be unique in simplicity.

It is not necessary to stick always with casual ordinary photography. Spread your imagination and be creative. You can also get inspiration from movies and videos.

To create stunning photos, the place is not always the main factor. Environment, location, weather, attire, and composition are essential for beautiful photography.

A perfect blending of all these elements can make an image outstanding and breathtaking.


Do you think these pre-wedding photography tips are helpful? If so, make the best use of these tips.

Turn your pre-wedding photography session into something bigger and bold. Pose enthusiastically in front of the camera with fun.

Admittedly, you will gather a new exciting experience at this session. Once the excitement of the wedding gets dimmed off, only these photographs will be your ultimate treasure.

So, enjoy in the fullest sense and create a heart-whelming memory.

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