7 Bulletproof Tactics on How to Save Money on Wedding Photography

7 Bulletproof Tactics on How to Save Money on Wedding Photography

At a wedding, besides decorations, dress up, foods, and all, you need to hire a photographer. Only a photographer can commemorate you every special moment though the everlasting photographs.

That’s why, before anything is done, every couple should think of a perfect photographer for their most special day of life. Since wedding photography is costly most of the couple feel on how to save money on wedding photography

Without a perfect wedding photo, your special day remains unfulfilled. But what makes every couple worried is the high rate charge of the pro photographer.

Most of the cases, the photographer can cost you more than the decoration of your wedding.

So what can you do? Do you need to compromise your long-cherished dream of capturing the candid wedding photos?

NO, you don’t need to skip your dream because we came here with this solution. We aim at providing you the very best solution on how to save money on a wedding photoshoot.

Factors That Increase The Wedding Photography Cost

The cost of wedding photography varies in different factors those factors are pointed below-

  1. Time Duration
  2. Number of Photography
  3. Quality of Photos
  4. Destination or Wedding Venue
  5. Software Editing
  6. Photography Styles
  7. Heavy Wedding Booth
  8. Number Of Events
  9. Extra Add-in Services
  10. Use of Modern Technology
  11. Number of Printed Copies

How to Save Money on Wedding Photography

A wedding is a very precious day for any couple. Every couple wants to have some candid professional pictures on their special day.

It’s essential to hire a trustworthy professional photographer to make your wedding memorable for the rest of your life.

But you have to concentrate on your photography budget as well. So to control your photography cost here we are going to share some tips about how to save money on wedding photography. let’s get to start.

1. Hire A Budget-Friendly Photographer: 

In a wedding session, you will get many experienced or inexperienced photographers. Surely, an experienced photographer will charge you higher than a newbie.

You have to choose a photographer according to your budget. That’s why you need to compare and contrast various photographers and finally call the best according to you.

2. Be Fast In Your Searching And Book Soon: 

if you want to hire a renowned professional photographer, then you should start to search earlier.

You need to book fast as early as possible. A prior booking before the high pick of wedding session will ensure you get a less costly photographer.

A renowned photographer will also offer you a discount if you book them off-season or except holidays. 

3. Go For Digital:  

Obtaining a digital way is one of the brilliant ideas to reduce the cost of photography.

You can ask from the photographer to provide you an online disk and ensure you get full right to download and make a copy.

You don’t have to spend a significant amount of money at one time to make a wedding album.

You can send the pictures to your friend as per their demand, and later they can make a photo out with the downloaded copies.

In this way, you get the opportunity to make a wedding album when your pocket easily allows you.

4. Budget Your Time Brilliantly: 

Maintaining photography time in the wedding is a perfect chance to reduce the cost of your photographer.

Since the photographer and videographers are time-oriented, you need to utilize the time wittily.

A study has found that the adorable pictures are captured in the early moments of your wedding. In the wedding video, the starting moments seem very important and sensitive.

That’s why you need to capture all of these earlier moments and use your photographer’s creativity.

You have hired the photographer for 5 hours, so within 5 hours, you have to try almost to finish the religious ceremony.

Then after 5 hours, the photographer will charge you for each extra hour. That’s why at the last moment you should do the less critical functions like dancing, wine party, etc.

5. Seek Referral Discounts Often:

Tend to provide you a discount on a referral basis. To make their service accessible and on-demand, they always try to give a discount.

If you refer some friends to the photographer for their wedding photoshoot, then you will get an even $500 discount on your total bill. Affordable wedding photography packages include these options.

Photographers said that they always give at least 10 to 20 percent of discounts if you are referred by someone familiar to them.

It is also a good idea if you can convince the photographer to give you a significant discount as you would apply them to social media.

6. Hire Professionals In The Low Budget: 

Yes, you can make this happen, although the skilled professionals are out of the budget—many couples dream of capturing their best wedding moments via a professional photographer.

Can make it happen if you become a little bit wise. Capturing the chief ceremony is the main thing that every couple should focus on.

A professional will charge you according to how many hours they have spent.

Why call them after getting prepared for all of your stuff.

Them from the main ceremony to the cake party, you can get more candid pictures by the professional photographer.

Here you can do another funny thing; you can ask the photographers in intern. Doing so, you will get more clicks by the training photographer, including the professional.

7. Avoid The Proof Book: 

A proof book is a display of the photos that the photographer has taken.

This book is provided by the photographer to the couple so that they can choose their favorite pictures and styles.

Proof books are great to choose your favorite pictures and the number of photos. But these books are not free of cost.

The professionals will charge above $100 depending on the number of photos.

The proof book you can ask them to send you an online file. From this file, you can choose your best pictures.

You can do wedding photography under $1000 if you apply this technique.

Affordable Wedding Photography Price and Packages

Wedding photography prices fully depend on the packages. There are various packages for wedding photography.

In the USA, every wedding photography agencies offer custom packages with price. Here we are going to present two wedding photography packages with a price.

The packages are standard and most of the couples like these packages. So let’s see the packages.


Price: $900 – $1500

  • 100 – 150 Photographs
  • Digital Image
  • 6 – 8 Hours of Photography
  • Number Of Wedding Photography Styles
  • Print Ready Image
  • Engagement Photos
  • Soft Album
  • Extra Hours Photography
  • Wedding Videos


Price: $1500 – $2100

  • HDR Image
  • Short Video Clips
  • Social Media Ready Image
  • 16 * 20 Canvas of Photos
  • $100 – $300 Print Credit
  • 15 – 20 Styles of wedding photography
  • Online Storage
  • Extra Hours Photography
  • 8 Hours Of Photography
  • Engagement Photos
  • Destination Photos
  • 2 Extra Photographers
  • Wedding Album


Finally follow the above tips that help you to save some money for your wedding photography. Wedding photography is one of the costlier events than another.

A wedding photography cost is allocated 10% – 20% of the total wedding photography budget. In the USA, the standard cost of wedding photography is $1500 – $1900.

If you would like to reduce the cost of your wedding photography, you have to cut off all the unnecessary extra add-ins or services that are not relevant.

Don’t hurry up to choose the photographer. Take the time to select the best photographer for you otherwise you have to pay more penny beyond your budget.  

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