How Much Should I Pay for Wedding Photography?

How Much Should I Pay for Wedding Photography?

‘How much should I pay for wedding photography’ is a common question for many couples? Usually, people start searching for a photographer before their ceremony. They become puzzled initially, seeing the high price of wedding photography costs.

Do you wonder why wedding photography is costly? Wedding photographers have a great responsibility.

They play a vital role in creating memories for a lifetime of a wedding couple. They have to do many works to make the photos presentable.

Moreover, wedding photography pieces of equipment are expensive and day by day for that the cost of equipment is updating with their new price.

Thus, the total cost goes up high. So, it is common for a new person to ask about the cost and its details. Let’s see what the details guide about the price of wedding photography is.

Average Wedding Photography Cost:

In the USA, especially in Florida, the average wedding photography cost range is $1000-$2000 and this is very standard for a couple.

The couple spends almost 10% to 20% of their total expenditure on wedding photography.

But all photographers don’t take the same amount of money. The price of a photographer depends on many things. Before learning about the factors, let’s see a different price range for different photographers.

Price of Wedding Photographer:

Wedding photographer price mainly varies with experience and service hour. Here is a list of the cost of wedding photography according to their level of photography.

Types of Wedding photographer Price (average for 8 hours)
1. Hobbyists photographer $700-$900
2. Amateur wedding photographer $900- $1100
3. Student Wedding Photographer $1100-$1900
4. Professional Wedding Photographer $1500-$2900
5. Top Professional Wedding Photographer $2100-$3900+

Hobbyist Photographer:

The hobbyist photographer is a freelance photographer. They start photography from their passion. They may not have any professional degree in photography. But they may learn it from their interest. But they don’t work as a professional.

If anyone has a problem with money, they can hire a competent freelance photographer. But take it at your own risk.

If you are fortunate, you can get a good one. But there is no guarantee that a hobbyist photographer can make your dreamy photos.

Amateur Wedding Photographer:

An amateur photographer is someone who has some knowledge of photography. But he does not work it professionally.

If you have a budget constraint, you can ask your acquaintances for photography. But there is a considerable risk of spoiled photos.

Wedding photography is a tough thing. Without experience, you can not get decent photos.

Wedding photography is not only taking pictures, but it is also an art. Experience makes it more perfect and presentable.

Student Wedding Photographer:

A student photographer is a novice who works as an assistant to an expert. It is a kind of intern for him. Hiring a student wedding photographer is better than an amateur photographer.

Since he has some knowledge, he knows how to capture perfect photos. Sometimes, a student photographer may create excellent images.

Professional Wedding Photographer:

The professional wedding photographer is a preferable choice among all. Because a professional photographer knows photography well.

Additionally, his or her price is acceptable for most of the couples. A professional photographer is always concern about his or her quality. So, you don’t need to concern about quality.

A top professional photographer price is out of the reach for many people. In that sense, a professional wedding photographer is reasonable.

Also, they give you space for negotiating and additional time.

Professional Wedding Photography

Top Professional Wedding Photographer:

They have almost ten or twenty years of professional experience. Usually, they shoot celebrities or other models. They may have a world-famous recognition and have a unique brand value.

They itself is a brand. It may take a year to get their appointment.

According to their knowledge and expertise, their price is high. They will provide you the top class photography.

Top professional photographer mainly covers royal and wealthy people. They do the photoshoots for models and actors. So, it is understandable that they pursue excellent skills and knowledge.

The problem with a top professional is, you may not negotiate the price with them. Since they are high in demand, they may not be able to serve additional time if you need it.

Elite Wedding Style Photography

Cost of Wedding Photography:

You can hire a photographer at a different price. There are 4 types of cost category,

i) Cost Per Hour

ii) Cost Per Day

iii) Cost Per Photos

iv) Cost Per Package

Let’s see the details about the cost of a wedding photographer.

Cost Per Hour:

Both freelancer or professional photographer may take payment for hourly. This rate also includes shooting and editing.

The price may vary with time, distance, equipment, and style.

A freelancer photographer may take near about $40-$60 per hour. And a professional photographer takes $150-$250 per hour. It is the most preferred choice for people who have money concerns. 

Cost Per Day

Some photographers like to take payment daily. Renting a photographer for a whole day is costly. The price highly depends on the photographer’s styles, experience, traveling time, and distance.

People like to hire a photographer for the whole day, especially for the glorious royal wedding.

An intern photographer may charge near about $400 to $500 per day. A professional or experienced photographer may charge almost $1900 to $3900 per day.

Some people want to capture every moment of their special day. They like to take photos from getting ready to after the wedding dinner.

If you have a destination wedding, beach wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, and post-wedding photography, additionally, you need to pay for their transportation and accommodation cost.

Cost Per Photos

Some couples want some number of photos instead of full-day coverage. You can also hire a photographer based on several images.

Typically, a student photographer charges more or less $5 for a per picture. A professional photographer will cost more. He or she may opt for $15 to $20 for every image.

Cost Per Package

It is the most popular choice among all. Photographers offer different packages at different prices. The rate differs with several services.

Generally, most of the photographers offer this standard service. The services are:

8 To 10 Hours Of Photography Coverage
One Or Two Photographers
150 – 200 HD Photos
Graphical Presentation
Reprint Option
Wedding Album
Short Video
15 – 25 Photography Styles
Digital Photos
Online Storage Or Backup Support
Social Media Teaser
Gift Card Or Thank You, Card.
Engagement Photo
Group Or Family Photo
Drone Photos

These are the necessary services. Except that they offer more other services like videography, cinematography, several photos (they usually provide 300 to 800 photos), wedding albums.

The package’s range starts from $1100 and the last highest up to $3900. There are many photographers available in the market.

They offer different price ranges. Before hiring, analyze their services and prices. Then choose the package best suited with your demand and budget.

Almost 90% of photographers offer customizable packages. You can customize and negotiate a price according to your will and their code of services.

If you want to get a professional wedding photographer near your location then contact us. We are available 24/7.

Why Does Wedding Photography Cost Varies?

Several things make wedding photography expensive. There are some factors that directly affect the wedding photography cost.

  1. Photographer’s Experience
  2. Service time
  3. Packages
  4. Additional services
  5. Editing period
  6. Number of Events
  7. Number of photographers
  8. Album
  9. Videography

1.  Photographer’s Experience:

Experience is a vital thing for the pricing of the photographer. It is the best choice to have an experienced photographer at the wedding.

A wedding is a unique life event. The memory will remain alive through photographs.

So, it is essential to ensure a good photographer for the best quality photos. Experienced photographers are proven and become branded.

Therefore, people are more oriented to have experienced photographers for their ceremonies. Thus, their price is high.

You may have to pay near about $2500 to $4000 for an experienced professional photographer. The price may differ from time to time and place to place.

People spend almost 4/5 times higher than an unprofessional photographer. But spending for professional photographers is worthy.

Because with a professional photographer, you can be tension free about the quality.

2. Service time and Editing Period:

Service time is an excellent factor for pricing. Usually, photographers are willing to serve for 6 to 8 hours at a wedding.

But you can also hire them for an hourly basis. The people who want limited and straightforward expenditure at their wedding, hire a photographer for hours.

There are a lot more works afterward. A photographer spends hours after hours to retouch the photos.

Therefore, they ask price not only for shooting hours also for editing periods.

3. Packages:

Many types of containers are available in the market. Different occasions have different packages. There are packages for:

  1. Wedding photoshoot
  2. Pre and Post wedding photoshoot
  3. Engagement photoshoot
  4. Indoor wedding packages
  5. Destination wedding photoshoot

Packages price ranges are:

Type of Packages Prices
Mini session (4 to 5 hours) $800-$1000
Standard rate (6 to 8 hours) $1900-$2900
The highest rate (whole day) $2500-$4000
Destination packages $1100- $2900 (price may differ based on travel and accommodation cost)

4. Additional services:

If you want, you can add some other services besides your available packages. Then you may have to pay some more. Here is a shortlist of other additional assistance with the estimated prices.

Additional Services Prices
Additional hours $80-$100 per hour
Second shooter $400-$900
Engagement photos $500-$600
Bridal portrait $300-$600
Groom portrait $300-$500
Wedding day boudoir $400-$600
Family album $150-$300
Customized album $250-$400
Additional flash drive $200-$300
Additional Prints $25-$30 per photo
HDR photo $60-$150
Urgent photoshoot $200-$250 (add the amount with actual price)
Lunch or dinner cost You can provide food or give them some extra money
Accommodation and travel cost You have to provide their travel cost if the venue is far away from the photographers
Family Group Wedding Photo

Photography vendors calculate the price, including accommodation and travel costs.

But the food cost is optional. But it is altruistic behavior. The photographers will not be supposed to ask you for food, but if you do, they will be happy.

They work hard to make your day more enjoyable. So, arranging meals for the person is not a big deal.

So, don’t count this as an extra charge. It is only a gesture of your kindness.

5. Number of Events:

Most couples prefer only a wedding day for photography. Whereas some couple wants to capture all their special days, like engagement, wedding shower, preparation, rehearsal. The number of events affects the price.

6. The number of photographers:

Many photographers like to have assistants or second shooters with them. They two will work from two different angles. Thus, they ensure best-angled photos.

If your wedding ceremony is grand and big, then you must assign the second shooter because one photographer can not cover everyone.

Indeed, the second shooter needs additional money.

7. Album:

Some photographers offer a free collection with their packages as a gift. But if they don’t provide, you have to buy it.

The number of pages and slides, number of photos, reprint options, customization are the main factors of the album price. Album price varies with these factors.

Some couples want to print some unique photos to hang on the wall. Some others like to give guest photos as gifts.

The price will increase with these additional requirements.

Price varies with the type of prints.

Print sizes Prices
Gift prints $15 to $100 (according to different sizes)
Wall prints $50 to $200 (according to different sizes)
Canvas or gallery print $200 to $900 (according to different sizes)

8. Videography:

Video is an integral part of the wedding ceremony. Some photography vendors provide videographers with their packages.

Otherwise, it would help if you assigned an external videographer. The videographer also offers different packages with different services. The price range also differs from services.

Let’s see some videography packages.

  • Bride and groom’s home
  • Getting ready
  • Arriving of bride and groom at the venue
  • Drone videography of the venue
  • Wedding ceremony coverage
  • Photo session
  • Guest interview and well wishes
  • Cake cutting and speeches
  • After the wedding dinner party
  • Dance party
  • Engagement coverage
  • Highlights of the ceremony
  • Social Media Teaser
  • Short Video Clips in Different Events

Money-Saving Strategy For Wedding Photography:

Here are some money saving techniques. These are extremely helpful.

  • Book photographer at an early age.
  • Choose a local photographer to avoid additional travel costs.
  • Avoid additional services.
  • Keep your requirements simple.
  • Keep your documentation period short.


We hope this article meets your curiosity about “How much should I pay for wedding photography.” Wedding photography is not a cheap thing.

Many couples choose a nonprofessional photographer to reduce the cost. But that is not a good idea.

Wedding photography is a special kind of photography. There are many issues along with this.

You can save your money by cutting down unnecessary services.

Many couples get astonished when they first learn about the prices. It is a common question that “Why wedding photography is costly?”.

Wedding photography needs a particular type of modern camera. Photographers have to use the latest technologies for great shots.

Moreover, they work hard during and after the ceremony. Sometimes it takes one month or even more to make photos presentable.

To perfect capture, they use lenses and instruments of thousands of dollars. Also, editing software is costly.

Photography cost differs from a geographical region, time, and services. But in general, you may have to spend 12% to 15% of the total budget for your wedding photography.

Don’t think the cost is unnecessary. Think like that, and it is the most lifetime memory. The photographs of your wedding will cherish you for the rest of your life.

So, for ultimate satisfaction, spend a large amount of wedding photography is somehow acceptable.

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