A – Z Engagement Wedding Photography Tips | A Complete Guide for Couples

A – Z Engagement Wedding Photography Tips | A Complete Guide for Couples

Are you planning to do a photoshoot of your engagement ceremony soon? Then right now probably you need some engagement wedding photography tips.

Nowadays a couple is more interested in taking a professional photographer before their wedding. The engagement photoshoot will be a great idea to start with your wedding photography preparation.

Both couples and photographers get the opportunity to know each other.

Moreover, the couple can do more romantic and unique photos beside their traditional wedding photos. An engagement photoshoot can be more exciting and thrilling.

In engagement photography, you can have different attires, places, and ideas. That makes the photo session more enjoyable.

Then, let’s find out how you can make an excellent engagement photo session.  

Engagement Wedding Photo In Outdoor

How to Prepare for Engagement Photos

Like any other program, you also need to spend time on preparation. In the wedding photo session, your dress and place are pre-selected. So, you don’t need to think much about your wardrobe and venues during wedding photography.

But engagement photography is slightly different from wedding photography. For engagement Photoshoot, you can choose multiple dresses and venues. Selecting your clothes and Photoshop places maybe half of the battle.

Is your head spinning already? Hold on. Here are some tips that help you to get ready for the special day.

1.   Pick Your Clothes According To Your Mood And Weather:

The award-winning photographer Curtis Myers suggested bringing few outfits that are not only flattering but also cozy and not make you uncomfortable.

If that is a cold day and you are shivering with chilly, your misery will appear in the pictures.

Choose clothes that suit your personality. Choose a different type of attire. So, photographers can find enough ideas for the composition.

Also, your dress should be simple but elegant and stylish. The fancy or heavy dress may not be a good idea at all.

2.   Leave The Seriousness:

You are going to spend a day that should be full of joy and enjoyment. So, leave your serious bossy mood behind.

Surely, you don’t want photographs with serious furious face, do you?

It is your day. Why so serious man? Lough from your heart. Leave all anxiety and misery of life from your head. Do fun and have enjoyed the day in the fullest sense.

Doing a fake laughing pose for the whole day is stressful. You don’t need to show phony happiness.

Talk with your partner, tell each other jokes and make the environment light. Your true happiness will come out from insight.

And that makes your images fabulous and awesome.

3.   Research To Find Out Poses You Like Most:

It is always advisable to look at other albums. In the era of the internet, you can instantly get thousands of photos.

Before standing in front of the camera, do some research. Make a shortlist of your desired pictures. Choose the pose and location.

You may ask your photographer about their previous work. Thus, you can also get an idea of different compositions.

Who knows? By using your creativity, you can create some unique arrangements.

4.   Talk To Your Partner And Photographer:

Before the final selection, talk with your photographer. Tell them about your plan and wish. Discuss everything with them.

Ask the photographer for their suggestion.

Talking is essential because the partner often faces a clash between their mental comfort.

Suppose husband wants a deep passionate kiss while the girl is uncomfortable doing that in front of the camera.

She prefers a more straight forward portrait. So, discuss and find out what is most suitable for you two.

5.   Place Selection:

You don’t need to go far or in a fancy place for engagement shooting. You can choose your familiar and favorite places for engagement photo shooting.

You can go to your first meeting place, mall, favorite restaurant and pub, your old school, etc.

Sometimes simple ordinary places can make exceptional photos.

Thus, you are ready for your photo session. Now let’s see some engagement photography poses and compositions.

Bride In Engagement Ring

15 Awesome Engagement Photo Tips For The Couple

Here are some useful tips for the couple who want stress free and stunning photoshoot for their engagement wedding photography

  1. Plan the photoshoot in such a way that feels you the photo session is personal and close.
  2. You can get an idea of clothing, places, and poses from Pinterest, Instagram, and other couples’ old albums.
  3. Your clothing must be fit with the location and environment.
  4. Plan a theme for your photo session.
  5. Make your photo session more intimate by including anything special for both of you.
  6. Be adventurous and enthusiastic and creative.
  7. Be stylish and updated about the latest pose and photography culture.
  8. Ask your photographer suggestions for your outfits and venues.
  9. Let the photographer show their skill and creativity.
  10. Let your photographer know about your demand and story.
  11. Don’t need to pose so correctly. You don’t need to be perfect always; you simply do everything as your own.
  12. Hire a professional and trusty photographer.
  13. Discuss engagement photography prices during hiring.
  14. Try to stick with the same photographer who will be going to photoshoot your wedding.
  15. While photo sessions, put your rest of the world tension behind and concentrate on each other.
Engagement Wedding Photo

Best Engagement Photography Ideas

There are many poses you can do at your engagement photography.

1. The Proposal:

If you didn’t photograph your proposal event, then remake the arrangement of the proposal day and start shooting.

Your engagement photoshoot maybe begins with your proposal pictures. Try to express the joy and amusement of the proposal day exactly you did before.

2. The Ring:

Pictures of the engagement band are an important thing. Photographer can take the picture from different angles.

3. Ring Exchanging:

It is a great moment. You are at the edge of starting a new life. By the ring exchange, you agree to spend your life together.

So, ask your photographer to take candid photos of this time emotion and joy. This picture that shows the real excitement is priceless.

4. Good Morning Jogging:

Why not you bring your regular life sweet romance on camera? It is a good idea to capture your daily life activities with your partner.

The photos show you both are caring and starting to enjoy the couple living together.

5. Your First Day:

If there are any funny incidents on the first-day remake it. Suppose you got collision face to face and that is your first met.

You both are angry with each other. Then the relation grows up, and now you are getting married.

Take another couple loving pose on the first-day meeting place. Then collage it.

That picture shows the transition of your relationship from the first day to the engagement day. Isn’t it so sweet?

6. Your Favourite Time-Pass:

What do you do most when you are together? Roaming around the city, chitchat, watching a movie together, etc. You can also take those as a good idea of engagement photography.

7. A Day In An Amusement Park:

You can also take pictures of an amusement park. Those photos will bring out your childish nature. That is cute.

8. A Nature Trip:

Make a trip to a natural place. You can also choose any historical place to roam around. Make some romantic poses.

These pictures are naturally so sweet that later you will thank the tour photographer.

9. Using Props:

You can use different types of props to make extraordinary photos. Make some activities that keep the picture from rest other images.

Like if you are in a costal are you can pose as surfing, you can ride a bicycle. You can kiss and get closer under an umbrella.

Whatever you want to do, you can. Using props is a good idea for posing.

10. Grab The Nature Colour:

Capturing a perfect natural beauty can enhance your photo. You can see photoshoots during sunset or under a shining star sky.

A beautiful sunset photograph can make your photos more intimate and glorious.

Even rainy days or rough weather can make your photo more attractive.

11. Take Vintage And Black And White Photo:

Even sometimes vintage and black white photos can beat colorful images appeal. A vintage-inspired gallery with a green hue can make your breath away.

12. In A Paddle Boat:

Photos in a paddleboat will be so romantic and sweet. You can make a different composition on a ship. You can try this out.

13. Candid Shot:

Candid shots are all-time best photos. It expresses the real inner joy and emotion. These photos will be priceless.

It is not necessary to confine in the traditional portrait. You can do the unconventional and authentic pose that expresses the real relationship between you.

Find out a photographer who will not insist you to do only traditional pose instead inspires you to be more creative.

There are many more ways to create an extraordinary photo. You can create many unique images in simple backgrounds.

Use your creativity to create an exceptional picture.


The engagement photo session is something that is only for you two. You can call it a date-day too. Don’t feel shy to express yourself.

If you are too shy then think there is no photographer who watches you. You can do whatever you do when you are alone except, which not makes you embarrassed.

Try to use the above engagement wedding photography tips to make your photo fabulous and unique.

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