18 Best Beach Wedding Photography Tips: Couples Perspective

18 Best Beach Wedding Photography Tips: Couples Perspective

Have you ever imagined wedding photos on a golden beach or Would you like to know about all the latest beach wedding photography tips before taking Destin beach wedding photography? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get a complete idea about the beach wedding photography tips.

Nowadays, with the help of modern technology, photography trend has been changing rapidly.

Day by day, photographers use more advance and latest technology. They have invented newer poses and styles with their creativity. Photography has no longer confined in age-old traditional methods.

Nowadays, people are more adventurous and fun-loving. Many people look for something outstanding on their special day. Thus, the beach wedding party is a new tradition for the young generation.

Beach is a perfect place for awesome pictures. With the blessing of nature and some tactics can make the photos as a masterpiece.

In the previous, beach wedding photography means couples’ photos where the sun was in the background. But now there are more styles along with the traditional pose.

Who doesn’t want to be exceptional at his wedding day? Don’t you want a traditional vibe along with new styles?

Let’s check out the brand-new styles and ideas for your beach wedding photography. By using these ideas and tips, your photo session will be breathtaking and mind-blowing.

beach photography advance tips
Wedding Couple At Beach

Modern Beach Wedding Photography Tips

Lots of poses are possible at the beach. Blend with the natural beauty and perfect poses; your wedding album can be stunning if you follow the below guidelines.

Here we are just sharing our beautiful experiences with you that you can easily capture your beach wedding photoshoots.

1. Awesome Silhouettes:

Imagine the black shade of two loving people standing in the golden light. The nature is reddish-golden, a mild breeze is blowing. You two love birds standing in this exceptional environment. Isn’t it so romantic?

A perfect capture of this silhouette will be a great pose.

Although this pose will not reveal your face or smile, it will be a pure expression of deep love and emotion by body language.

This trend becomes most famous for its magical appearance.

2. Shot the Golden Hour:

Nature becomes magnificent at the time of sunrise and sunset. The golden-red sun is dipping in the sea. A soft light spread over the water.

The blue sky becomes red, and the cloud makes a color variation in the air. What is a more beautiful background than this nature?

Use this golden hour for your photoshoot. You can feel the time and cent whenever you see the images. Taking this shot can entirely change your album’s look.

3. Sand Art:

People like to write the name of his or her love in a heart shape on the sand of the beach. Use this behavior as a new idea of photography.

This is one of the oldest and popular beach wedding photography tips that we recommend.

You and your partner can write or draw something on the sand with a smiley face. While the photographer will take some candid pose.

The photo will reflect the pure joy and emotion of your heart.

4. Footprints:

Make footprints on the sand. You two are walking, while photographers capture you from the back with the imprint. Isn’t it so beautiful?

The photo reveals that it is the starting of togetherness. You will walk the rest of your life together side by side. The idea may be simple but impressive.

The deep meaning of this pose is more significant than any detailed photos.

5. Let the water kissing your feet:

Step into the water. While wave gently wets your feet and you two enjoy the gentle kiss. Just imagine. How romantic is that?

The cold, calm water relaxes your mind, and a warm embrace soothes your soul. Don’t you want to have such a close photo in your album?

With a significant exposure of water and a close focus will make the photo more realistic.

6. Romance on the rock:

You can sit or stand over the beach rock. A mind-blowing breeze messes the bride’s air. When the husband stares at his wife with a graze of love and affection.

Doesn’t your heart feel with warm respect while thinking this?

Ask your photographer to take the pose from different angles. Undoubtedly, the tenderness of the photo will touch everyone’s heart.

7. Chasing each other:

Are you tired of doing a standard wedding shoot? Then break the stereotype shooting. Brides and grooms can play.

They can track and happily run after each other. Their inner peace will reflect in the pose. Take the photos in sunny weather while the light is bright and warm.

Lovely Moment At Beach

8. Hold the sun on your palm:

During sunset, when the sun is visible as a red ball, make a pose of holding the sun. Your photographer will take the short from a distance.

The pose seems that you two are holding the sun together.

That is the sun on your wedding day. The pose tells that you don’t want to let the day over.

9. Photographer Groom:

It is a cute idea. Groom is supposed to take a picture of his beautiful wife. The bride’s lough and happily pose in front of the husband’s camera.

The photo shows the husband has taken all the responsibility of his wife. And also, he will be happy to capture his wife’s happiness and joy.

10. Passionate kiss:

It is another beach wedding photography tips and guides that we suggest.

Hug and kiss each other, on a barefoot. Let your feet stay underwater. A side shot is perfect for the pose. Though the photos of hug and kiss at the wedding are the most common pose, it is different.

The photographer should take the pose with blue wavy ocean water. Tides are waving in the background can be magnificent.

11. Use a drone camera:

Ask your photographer to use a drone camera so that he can capture you from high. You can sit and lean over each other on your back.

Or, you can lie side by side over the wet sand. The photographer will capture from high while you are amid brown sand and blue seawater.

12. Bride’s portrait:

You can take portrait pictures as well. The bride can sit on a coral, enjoying the tide and wave, cool breeze messes her hair, she looks towards the far.

It is a perfect and bold pose for the bride’s portrait.

The photo shows that the bride is independent, and she can take her responsibility.

Bride Beach Special

13. A hug from the behind:

In this pose, the groom stands straight, and the bride hugs him from behind. The posture expresses the tenderness and affection of each other.

The photo also shows that the bride is ready to take responsibility of her husband.

14. Exchange Flower Necklace:

You can exchange flower necklaces while the sun and sea are your witnesses. It is a soft but very charming photo.

15. The Night star:

Although generally, people prefer day photo session. The beauty of the night sea is mind-blowing.

The scenario will be breathtaking if the sky is clear, and the stars blink brightly. Make love under the beautiful sky full of stars.

The night sea and sky will make photos mysterious. At the same time, the night wedding photo will make your album extraordinary.

16. On A boat:

It is very uncommon but very chirming. You can sit on a flower-decorated boat. The ship can be paddle or speed boat.

Capture a couple of photos on a boat is a new idea.

Tough it is tough to navigate a camera on a moving boat, an expert photographer can manage it. If you want to try a new idea, you can do it.

17. Photos with Family:

The wedding ceremony will not be pleasant without family and friends. So, you can do some family photos on the beach.

That will be more heart touching. You can do a portrait with your beloved family members. You can do fun stuff with your friends.

Ask your photographer to capture these special moments. The pictures will show the bonding between family members.

Taking pictures with them means sharing joy and enjoyment with others.


18. Play with reflection:

Beach is the most suitable place for unique photography. You can create different vibes photos by merely using shades and reflection.

You can make symmetrical by granting water as a mirror.

These are the new trend in beach wedding photography. But beach wedding photoshoot is not that simple. You have to face many obstacles and challenges. Do you know what you may have to meet there? Do you know how to face it?

Beach Wedding Photography Challenges

1. Sand:

Sand is the main obstacle for photography on the beach. You can get dirty while posing on the sand. Again, blowing wind can push sand into your eyes and can irritate you.

2. Salty water:

Salty water can irritate sensitive skin. If anyone has allergies or problems with salty water, a beach wedding can be a little bit difficult.

3. Wind:

The wind of the sea can be intense. It can make you clumsy and messy. But don’t bother the messy hair will enhance the beauty of beach photography.

4. Weather changing:

Weather can immediately change the weather. On a sunny day can be a gloomy day. Use time appropriately.

5. Time is short:

You have to fast in movement. Because the time of sunset and sunrise is very little. If you want to capture, the perfect shots use the evening properly.

6. Wet dress:

As you are on the beach, you possibly get wet. So, it is also a significant concern.

Couple Enjoying At Beach

Pro-Tips For Beach Wedding Photography

To avoid the problems and to meet the challenges, here are some tips for the couple. An expert photographer shares these ideas.

  1. Give a tour along with your photographer before your wedding.
  2. Choose the places for perfect capture of the sun and tide. Choose such a place where the sunset is visible.
  3. Rehearsal poses as the sunset or sun rising time is short.
  4. Ask your photographer to carry extra lenses and batteries. Salty water and sand can make a camera malfunction.
  5. If you have allergies, talk with your physician before going to the beach.
  6. Use waterproof makeup. Instead of tieing hair, let your hair untied. Messy and flying hair will make more realistic photos.
  7. Don’t miss the exact scheduling of the wedding photoshoot on the beach.
  8. Head the beach when other people usually don’t go to the beach.
  9. Ask your guest not to interrupt during a couple of photoshoots. Remember, the time is short for capturing perfect photos.
  10. Use seashells, starfish, rocks as accessories of your photoshoot.
  11. Beach wedding photography can create various unique photos. Do some previous research to catch some extraordinary images.
  12. Don’t take the photoshoot as a pressure. Enjoy the moment in your way. Ask the photographer to take many candid pictures.
  13. Keeping an extra pair of clothes is a good idea. Take a beautiful (mostly colorful) dress as a safety.
  14. Take photos with the colorful dress along with a royal wedding white dress. It will create a wholly different and outstanding wedding album.
  15. Avoid excessive jewelry. Simple jewelry with a royal wedding dress and beautiful natural background can make killer photos.
  16. Utilize natural resources. Whether the weather is sunny or cloudy, use the natural condition to create a different vibe.
  17. Ask your photographer to take some detailed pictures.
  18. Check the weather update, so that you don’t face any rough weather. Choose calm, sunny weather for the photoshoot.
  19. Play with natural color. Beach wedding is become popular due to its magnificent look of vibrant colors.
  20. The composition is essential for beach wedding photography. Give a checklist of some extraordinary arrangements that you want in your wedding pictures.
  21. Most importantly, do the photoshoot enthusiastically and naturally. Express your joy and enjoyment throughout the photos.


Beach wedding photoshoot will thrill you. Undoubtedly, this will satisfy you with pleasure.

Beach wedding photography is challenging for both the photographer and the clients. You must need to know how to give a quick but perfect shot.

Weather is an excellent factor for a beach wedding. Keep in mind all these factors that can affect your photo session.

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